dTransferring Images to a Personal Computer

By connecting the camera to a personal computer, you can transfer images from the camera’s card by operating the camera. This is called direct image transfer.

Before connecting the camera to the personal computer, be sure to install the bundled software (EOS DIGITAL Solution Disk/CD-ROM) in the personal computer. For instructions on how to install the software, see “CD-ROM Guide.”

Preparation for Image Transfer1 Connect the camera to the personal computer.

Turn off the camera’s power switch before connecting it.

Use the interface cable that came with the camera.

When connecting the cable plug to the camera’s <D> terminal, the cable plug’s <D> icon must face the front side of the camera.

To the personal computer’s USB port, connect the plug on other end of the cable.

2 Set the camera’s power switch to <1>.

When the program selection screen appears on the personal computer, select [EOS Utility].

When the camera model selection screen appears, select your camera’s model.

XThe [EOS Utility] screen will appear on the computer, and the direct image transfer screen will appear on the camera’s LCD monitor.