Handy Features

3Silencing the Beeper

You can prevent the beeper from sounding when focus is achieved or during self-timer operation.

Under the [1] tab, select [Beep], then press <0>. Select [Off], then press <0>.

3Card Reminder

This prevents shooting if there is no card in the camera.

Under the [1] tab, select [Shoot w/o card], then press <0>. Select [Off], then press <0>.

If there is no card installed and you press the shutter button, “Card” will be displayed in the viewfinder, and you cannot release the shutter.

3Setting the Image Review Time

How long the image is displayed on the LCD monitor immediately after capture can be set. If [Off] is set, the image review will not be displayed. If [Hold] is set, the image review will be displayed up until the [Auto power off] time. During the image review, if you operate any camera controls such as pressing the shutter button halfway, the image display will end.

Under the [1] tab, select [Review time], then press <0>. Set the time, then press <0>.