1Fully Automatic Shooting


The focus confirmation light <o> blinks and focus is not achieved. Aim the AF point over an area having good contrast between light and dark, then press the shutter button halfway. (p.162) If you are too close to the subject, move away and try again.

Sometimes multiple AF points flash simultaneously.

This indicates that focus has been achieved at all those AF points. As long as the AF point covering the desired subject flashes, you can take the picture.

The beeper continues to beep softly. (The focus confirmation light <o> also does not light.)

It indicates that the camera is focusing continuously on a moving subject. (The focus confirmation light <o> does not light.) While the beeper is beeping, you can press the shutter button completely to shoot a moving subject in focus.

Pressing the shutter button halfway will not focus the subject. When the focus mode switch on the lens is set to <MF> (Manual Focus), the camera does not focus. Set the focus mode switch to <AF>.

Although it is daylight, the flash popped up.

For a backlit subject, the flash may pop up to help reduce harsh shadows on the subject.

In low light, the built-in flash fired a series of flashes.

To assist the autofocusing, pressing the shutter button halfway may trigger the built-in flash to fire a series of flashes. This is called AF- assist beam. It is effective up to approx. 4 meters/13.1 feet away.

Although flash was used, the picture came out dark. The subject was too far away. The subject should be within 5 meters/16.4 feet from the camera.

When flash was used, the bottom part of the picture came out unnaturally dark.

The subject was too close to the camera, and a shadow was created by the lens. The subject should be at least 1 meter/3.3 feet away from the camera. If a hood has been attached to the lens, remove it before taking the flash picture.