Preparing to Print


6 Playback the image.


Press the <x> button.


X The image will appear, and the <w>


icon will appear on the upper left to


indicate that the camera is connected


to a printer.

XThe <l> button lamp will light in blue.

RAW images are not compatible with direct printing.

The camera cannot be used with printers compatible only with CP Direct or Bubble Jet Direct.

When connecting the camera to the printer, do not use any cable other than the interface cable provided.

If there is a long beeping sound in step 5, it indicates a problem with the printer. To find out what’s wrong, do the following:

1.Press the <x> button to playback the image.

2.Press <0>.

3.On the print setting screen, select [Print].

The error message will be displayed on the LCD monitor. (p.142)

If you use the battery to power the camera, make sure it is fully charged. With a fully charged battery, printing up to about 6 hours is possible. Before disconnecting the cable, turn off the camera and printer first. Hold the plug (not the cord) to pull out the cable.

For direct printing, using AC Adapter Kit ACK-E5 (sold separately) to power the camera is recommended.