d: Program AE

To obtain a good exposure of the subject, the camera sets the exposure (shutter speed and aperture) automatically. This is called Program AE.

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Set the Mode Dial to <d>.

Take the picture.

Press the shutter button halfway and the camera will focus.

XThe exposure setting (shutter speed and aperture) set automatically is displayed in the viewfinder.

Press the shutter button completely.

Shooting Tips

Changing the ISO speed and using the built-in flash.

To match the subject and lighting level, you can change the ISO speed (p.57) or use the built-in flash (p.58). In the <d> mode, the built-in flash will not fire automatically. So under low light, press the <I> (Flash) button to pop-up the flash.

The program can be shifted. (Program shift)

After pressing the shutter button halfway, turn the <6> dial to change the shutter speed and aperture setting combination (program). After you take the picture, the program shift will be canceled. Program shift is not possible with flash.

In very low light or very bright light, the shutter speed and aperture display will blink when you press the shutter button halfway, as shown in the figure. In low light (30" 3.5), either increase the ISO speed (p.57) or use flash (p.58). In bright light (4000 22), decrease the ISO speed.