DUsing the Built-in Flash

Shooting Tips

If the subject is far away, increase the ISO speed.

By increasing the ISO speed, you can extend the flash range.

In bright light, decrease the ISO speed.

If the exposure setting in the viewfinder blinks, decrease the ISO speed.

Detach the lens hood and keep at least 1 meter/3.3 feet away from the subject.

If the lens hood is attached or if you are too close to the subject, the bottom portion of the picture might turn out dark. For important shots, check the image on the LCD monitor to make sure the flash exposure looks good (not dark at the bottom).

3Using Red-eye Reduction

Using the red-eye reduction lamp before taking a flash picture can reduce red eye. Red-eye reduction will work in any shooting mode except <3> <7> <5>.

Under the [1] tab, select [Red-eye On/Off], then press <0>. Select [On], then press <0>.

For flash photography, when you press the shutter button halfway, the red-eye reduction lamp will light. Then when you press the shutter button completely, the picture will be taken.

The red-eye reduction feature is most effective when the subject looks at the red-eye reduction lamp, when the room is well lit, or when you go closer to the subject.

When you press the shutter button halfway, the viewfinder display on the bottom will gradually turn off. For best results, take the picture after this display turns off.

The effectiveness of red-eye reduction varies from subject to subject.