3Auto Playback

You can playback the images in the card as an automatic slide show. Each image will be displayed for about 4 sec.




Select [Auto play].

Under the [3] tab, select [Auto play], then press <0>.

XThe auto play screen will appear.

Start the auto play.

XAfter [Loading image...] is displayed for a few seconds, auto play will start. To pause the auto play, press <0>. During pause, [ ] will be displayed on the upper left of the image. Press <0> again to resume the auto play.

3 Stop the auto play.

To stop the auto play and return to the menu, press the <M> button.

During auto play, you can press the <B> button to change the display format.

During pause, you can press the <U> key to view another image. During auto play, auto power off will not work.

The display time may vary depending on the image.