SSelecting the AF PointN

Shooting Tips

When shooting a portrait up close, use One-Shot AF and focus the eyes.

If you focus the eyes first, you can then recompose and the face will remain sharp.

If it is difficult to focus, select and use the center AF point.

The center AF point focuses the best among the seven AF points.

To make it easier to focus a moving subject, set the camera to automatic AF point selection and AI Servo AF.

First use the center AF point to focus. If the subject moves away from the center AF point, the other AF points will continue to focus- track the subject automatically.

Manual Focusing



Set the lens focus mode switch to


2 Focus the subject.


Focus by turning the lens focusing


ring until the subject looks sharp in

Focusing ring

the viewfinder.

If you press the shutter button halfway during manual focusing, the AF point achieving focus flashes briefly and the focus confirmation light <o> in the viewfinder will light.

<AF> stands for Auto Focus. <MF> stands for Manual Focus.