1Fully Automatic Shooting




1 Set the Mode Dial to <1>.

AF point

2 Aim any AF point over the












All the AF points will operate, and




focus will generally be achieved at




the AF point covering the closest











Aiming the center AF point over the




subject will make focusing easier.

3 Focus the subject.

Press the shutter button halfway, and the lens will move to focus.

X The dot inside the AF point achieving focus flashes briefly in red. At the same time, the beeper will sound and the focus confirmation light <o> in the viewfinder will light.

XIf necessary, the built-in flash will pop- up automatically.

Focus confirmation light

4 Take the picture.

Press the shutter button completely to take the picture.

X The captured image will be displayed for about 2 sec. on the LCD monitor. If the built-in flash has popped up, you can push it back down with your fingers.