i Continuous ShootingN

You can shoot up to about 3 shots per sec. This is effective for shooting your child running toward you and capturing the different facial expressions.



Press the <Yij> button.Select <i>.

Press the <U> key to select <i>, then press <0>.

The continuous shooting speed will vary depending on the image-recording quality that has been set (p.64).

JPEG : Max. approx. 3 shots/sec.

1: Max. approx. 1.5 shots/sec. 1+73: Max. approx. 1.5 shots/sec.

3 Take the picture.

The camera shoots continuously while you hold down the shutter button fully.

Shooting Tips

Also set the AF mode matching the subject.For moving subject

When AI Servo AF is set, focusing will be continuous during continuous shooting.

For still subjects

When One-Shot AF is set, the camera will focus only once during continuous shooting.

Flash can also be used.

Since the flash will require recharging time, the continuous shooting speed will be slower.

If the [7Custom Functions (C.Fn)] menu’s [High ISO speed noise reduction] (p.155) is set to [1: On], continuous shooting will not be possible. In the AI Servo AF mode, the continuous shooting speed may become slightly slower depending on the subject and the lens used.