5Shooting Moving Subjects

To photograph a moving subject, whether it is a child running or a moving vehicle, use the <5> (Sports) mode.

Shooting Tips

Use a telephoto lens.

Using a telephoto lens is recommended so you can shoot from afar.

Use the center AF point to focus.

Aim the center AF point over the subject, then press the shutter button halfway to auto focus. During autofocusing, the beeper will continue beeping softly. If focus cannot be achieved, the focus confirmation light <o> will blink.

When you want to take the picture, press the shutter button completely. If you hold down the shutter button, continuous shooting (max. approx. 3 shots per sec.) and autofocusing will take effect.

Under low light if camera shake is prone to occur, the viewfinder’s shutter speed display on the bottom left will blink. Hold the camera steady and shoot.