Using AF to FocusN

Under [7Custom Functions (C.Fn)], when [AF during Live View shooting] (p.157) is set to [1: Quick mode] or [2: Live mode], you can focus with AF. Quick mode and Live mode use a different AF method. If you want precise focusing, magnify the image and focus manually. (p.98)

C.Fn-7-1: Quick mode

This is the same as using AF (p.60, 61) as usual with the dedicated AF sensor. Although you can focus the desired area quickly, the Live View image will be interrupted momentarily during the AF operation.

Set to Quick mode, the lens focus mode switch to <f>, and the AF mode to <X>.


AF point



Select the AF point.

Before starting Live View shooting, select the AF point.

Press the <S> button and press the <S> key to select the AF point. Press the shutter button halfway for shooting ready.

Display the Live View image.

Press <0>.

XThe Live View image will appear on the LCD monitor.

The selected AF point will be displayed.

The focusing frame (larger frame) will also be displayed.