3Flash ControlN


For normal flash exposures, set it to [Evaluative].

If [Average] is set, the flash exposure will be averaged for the entire metered scene as with an external metering flash. Flash exposure compensation may be necessary depending on the scene, so this is for advanced users.

Setting the External Speedlites

Select either [External flash func. setting] or [External flash C.Fn setting]. For details on which external Speedlite settings the camera can set, see the compatible EX-series (such as the 580EX II)

Speedlite’s instruction manual.

Attach the Speedlite to the camera and turn on the Speedlite.

External flash func. setting

External flash C.Fn setting

1Select either [External flash func. setting] or [External flash C.Fn setting].

Select either one, then press <0>. Settings which cannot be set will be dimmed.

2Set the external flash function settings.

Select a flash function and set it as desired. The procedure is the same as setting a menu function.

On the flash function settings screen, the settable items or current settings displayed differ depending on the current flash mode settings or flash Custom Function settings.

If you press the <B> button to clear the Speedlite settings, both the external Speedlite and built-in flash settings will be cleared.