SSelecting the AF PointN

In the Basic Zone modes, all the AF points are active. Generally, the AF point covering the closest subject will be selected to focus. Therefore, the camera sometimes may not focus the subject you want.

With the <d> (Program AE), <s>, <f>, and <a> modes, you can select one AF point to focus where you want.



Press the <S> button. (9)

XThe selected AF point is indicated on the LCD monitor and in the viewfinder.

When all AF points light up, automatic AF point selection will be set.

Select the AF point.

Press the <S> key to select the AF point.

While looking at the viewfinder, you can select the AF point by turning the <6> dial until the desired AF point flashes in red.

Pressing <0> toggles the AF point selection between the center AF point and automatic AF point selection.

3 Focus the subject.

Aim the selected AF point over the subject and press the shutter button halfway to focus.