xSearching for Images Quickly

Jump through Images (Jump display)

When the card contains many images, you can browse through them by 10 or 100 images at a time. Also, if the images were shot on different days, you can browse through them by date. This browsing technique is called jump.

Jump method Image location

1 Select the jump method.In the single image display mode,

press the <W> key.

XOn the bottom right, the jump method and current image location are indicated.

Press the <V> key to select the jump method among [1 image/10 images/100 images/Date], then press <0>.

2 Browse by jumping.

During image playback, turn the <6> dial.

X The jump display will proceed according to the selected jump method.

For single image browsing, press the <U> key.

Jump is not possible with the index display.