The names in bold indicate the parts explained up until the “Basic Shooting and Image Playback” section (up to p.54).

Mode Dial (p.20)

Built-inflash/AF-assist beam



Power switch (p.27)

EF Lens mount index (p.33)


<Z> ISO speed

EF-S Lens mount index (p.33)

set button (p.57)

Flash-sync contacts


<6> Main Dial

Hot shoe (p.166)



Shutter button

<V> Focal plane

mark (p.49)




Strap mount







Self-timer lamp

<D> Flash


button (p.58)



Terminal cover



Lens release


button (p.34)

Mirror (p.94,121)


Contacts (p.13)


preview button


Lens mount




Lens lock pin

EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS / II lens

Hood EW-60C (sold separately) mount

58 mm filter thread (front of lens)

Focus mode switch (p.33)

Image Stabilizer switch* (p.35)

Focusing ring


Video OUT



Zoom ring (p.34) terminal (p.128)


Remote control


terminal (p.164)


Digital terminal



Lens mount index (p.33)

Contacts (p.13)

* The EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 II lens does not have an Image Stabilizer switch.