Focusing ManuallyN

Although autofocus can be used (p.102, 104), magnifying the image and focusing manually is recommended for precise focusing.

Magnifying the Image for Manual Focusing



Set the lens focus mode switch to






Turn the lens focusing ring to focus





2 Move the focusing frame to the


position where you want to focus.


Press the <S> key to move the


focusing frame.



To move to the center focusing frame,


press the <L> button.

3 Magnify the image.


Press the <u> button.


X The area within the focusing frame


will be magnified.



Each time you press the <u> button,

Magnification: 10x

the display format will change as







Full view

AE lock Magnified area


4Focus manually.

While looking at the magnified image, turn the lens focusing ring to focus. After achieving focus, press the <u> button to return to the full view.