Battery Life with Live View Shooting [Approx. number of shots]


Shooting Conditions

No Flash

50% Flash Use


At 23°C / 73°F






At 0°C / 32°F






The figures above are based on a fully-charged LP-E5 battery and CIPA (Camera & Imaging Products Association) testing standards. Autofocusing will decrease the number of possible shots.

When you use Live View shooting for a long period, the camera’s internal temperature may increase and it can degrade image quality. Terminate Live View shooting when not shooting images. Before taking a long exposure, stop Live View shooting temporarily and wait several minutes before shooting.

High temperatures, high ISO speeds, or long exposures may cause noise or irregular colors in the image captured with Live View shooting. If you take the picture while the image is magnified, the exposure might not come out as desired. Return to the full view before taking the picture. During the magnified view, the shutter speed and aperture will be displayed in red.

Even if you take the picture during magnified view, the captured image will reflect the full view.

The focus preset feature on super telephoto lenses cannot be used. For Live View shooting, do not use an Extension Tube or TS-E lens. Doing so can cause irregular or unintended exposures.

FE lock is not possible when the built-in flash or external Speedlite is used. Modeling flash is not possible when external Speedlite is used. A non-Canon flash will not fire.

A grid can be displayed. Under [6Live View function settings], set [Grid display] to [On].

You can change the metering timer. Under [6Live View function settings], set [Metering timer].

When you take a picture with flash, it will sound like two pictures were taken. However, only one picture is taken.