Check the exposure.

Press the shutter button halfway.

XThe shutter speed and aperture will be displayed.

If you set exposure compensation, the image brightness will change accordingly.

2 Take the picture.

Press the shutter button completely. X The picture will be taken and the

captured image is displayed on the LCD monitor.

XAfter the image review ends, the camera will return to Live View shooting automatically.

3Exit Live View shooting.

With the Live View image displayed, press <0>.

About the Shooting Settings

<8> will be the same as using <d>.

You can set the ISO speed, white balance, and exposure compensation during Live View shooting.

The Picture Style, drive mode, AF mode, and AF point cannot be changed during Live View shooting.

During Live View shooting, the metering mode will be set to evaluative metering regardless of the current metering mode setting. You can check the depth of field by pressing the depth-of-field preview button.

During continuous shooting, the exposure set for the first shot will also be applied to subsequent shots.