Preparing for Live View ShootingN

Set the camera for Live View shooting.

1 Set the shooting mode.

Set the shooting mode to a Creative

Zone mode.

Live View shooting does not work in Basic Zone modes.2Select [Live View function settings].

Under the [6] tab, select [Live View function settings], then press <0>.

3 Select [Live View shoot.].

Select [Live View shoot.], then press <0>. Select [Enable], then press <0>.

4 5

Exit the menu.

Press the <M> button to exit.

Display the Live View image.

Press <0>.

XThe Live View image will appear on the LCD monitor.

The Live View image will reflect the brightness level of the actual image you capture.

If the image is too bright, turn the

<6> dial to the right. If it is too dark, turn the <6> dial to the left.