3Flash ControlN

The built-in flash and external Speedlite can also be set with the menu. The menu for the external Speedlite will be applicable only to EX-series Speedlites whose functions can be set with the camera.

Select [Flash control].

Under the [6] tab, select [Flash control], then press <0>.

XThe flash control screen will appear.

[Flash firing]

Normally, set this to [Enable].

If [Disable] is set, both the built-in flash and external Speedlite will not fire. This is good when you only want to use the AF-assist beam.

[Built-in flash func. setting]

[Flash mode] cannot be selected. [Flash exp. comp] can be set as explained on page 79.

Set [E-TTL II] as explained on the next page.

Shutter sync.

Normally, set this to [1st curtain] so that the flash fires immediately after the exposure starts.

If [2nd curtain] is set, the flash will fire right before the exposure ends. When this is combined with a slow sync speed, you can create a trail of light such as from car headlights at night. With 2nd curtain sync, two flashes will be fired. Once when you press the shutter button completely, and once immediately before the exposure ends.