*When you change the printing effects, it is reflected in the image displayed on the upper left. Note that the printed image might look slightly different from the displayed image which is only an approximation. This also applies to [Brightness] and [Adjust levels] on page 140.

5Set the date and file number imprinting.

Set as necessary.

Select <I>, then press <0>.

Set as desired, then press <0>.

6Set the number of copies.

Set as necessary.

Select <R>, then press <0>.

Set the number of copies, then press <0>.

7Start printing.

Select [Print], then press <0>.

XThe <l> button’s blue lamp will blink and the printing will start.

To print another image with the same settings in easy printing, select the image and just press the <l> button lit in blue. With easy printing, the number of copies will always be 1. Also, any trimming will not be applied. For details on trimming, see page 141.

The [Default] setting for printing effects and other options are the printer’s own default settings as set by the printer’s manufacturer. See the printer’s instruction manual to find out what the [Default] settings are. Depending on the image’s file size and image-recording quality, it may take some time for the printing to start after you select [Print].

To stop the printing, press <0> while [Stop] is displayed, then select [OK].