3Appending Dust Delete DataN

Normally, the Self Cleaning Sensor Unit will eliminate most of the dust visible on captured images. However, in case visible dust still remains, you can append the Dust Delete Data to the image to later erase the dust spots. The Dust Delete Data is used by Digital Photo Professional (provided software) to erase the dust spots automatically.


Get a solid-white object (paper, etc.).

Set the lens focal length to 50mm or longer.

Set the lens focus mode switch to <MF> and set the focus to infinity (). If the lens has no distance scale, look at the front of the lens and turn the focusing ring clockwise all the way.

Obtain the Dust Delete Data



Select [Dust Delete Data].

Under the [2] tab, select [Dust Delete Data], then press <0>.

Select [OK].

Select [OK] and press <0>. The automatic self-cleaning of the sensor will be performed, then a message screen will appear. Although there will be a shutter sound, a picture is not taken.