u/yMagnified View

Magnify the image.


During image playback, press the


<u> button to magnify the image.


If you keep pressing the <u> button,


you can magnify the image up to 10x.

Magnified area

Use the <S> keys to scroll around

the magnified image.



Press the <I> button to reduce the


magnification. To exit the magnified


view, press the <x> button. The


single-image view will return.

You can turn the <6> dial to view another image with the magnification maintained.

Magnified view is not possible during the image review immediately after the image is taken.

bRotating the Image

1 2

Select [Rotate].

Under the [3] tab, select [Rotate], then press <0>.

Select the image and rotate it.

Press the <U> key to select the image to be rotated, then press <0>.

Each time you press <0>, the image will rotate clockwise as follows: 90° 270°

To rotate another image, repeat step 2. To exit the image rotate and return to the menu, press the <M> button.

If the rotated image is not displayed in the rotated orientation during image playback, set the [5Auto rotate] menu to [OnzD].