Using AF to FocusN

C.Fn-7-2: Live mode

The image sensor is used to focus. Although AF is possible with the Live View image displayed, the AF operation will take longer than with Quick mode. Also, achieving focus may be more difficult than with Quick mode.

Set to Live mode and the lens focus mode switch to <f>.1Display the Live View image.

Press <0>.

XThe Live View image will appear on the LCD monitor.

When Live mode is set, the AF point <> will be displayed.

2 Focus the subject.

Aim the AF point over the subject, and hold down the <A> button.

X When focus is achieved, the AF point will turn green and the beeper will sound.

XIf focus is not achieved, the AF point will turn orange.

3 Take the picture.

Check the focus and exposure, then press the shutter button to take the picture (p.99).