3Setting the Image-recording Quality


I want to select the quality matching the paper size for printing.

Paper size

Refer to the diagram on the left when choosing the image-recording quality. If

A3 (42x29.7cm/16.5x11.7in.) you want to crop the image, selecting a


A4 (29.7x21cm/ 83 higher quality (more pixels) such as 73, 11.7x8.3in.) 1 83, 1, or 1+73is recommended.

74 1+73






What’s the difference between 7and 8?

It indicates a different image quality due to a different compression rate. Even with the same number of pixels, the 7image has higher image quality. If 8is selected, the image quality will be slightly lower, but more images can be saved to the card.

I took more shots than the number of possible shots indicated. Depending on the shooting conditions, you may be able to take more shots than was indicated. Or, you might be able to take fewer shots than indicated. The possible shots displayed is only an estimate.

Does the camera display the maximum burst?

The maximum burst is displayed in the viewfinder’s right side. Since it is only a single-digit indicator 0 - 9, any number higher than 9 will be displayed only as “9.” Note that this number will also be displayed even when no card is installed in the camera. Be careful not to shoot without a card in the camera.

When do I use the 1mode?

1images require processing with your personal computer. For details, see “About 1” and “About 1+73” on the next page. Other than 1, the images will be in the JPEG type commonly used by digital cameras.