Using the S Pen

The included S Pen can be used to easily select items or perform functions. Actions using the S Pen with the button pressed provide additional conveniences, such as screen capture.

Pull out the S Pen from the slot to use it.

When you pull out the S Pen from the slot, the device detects it and performs the following:

Turns on the touch screen (if it is off).

Launches Action Memo, or displays air command.

The nib of the S Pen is replaceable. If the pen nib gets dull, replace it with a new one.

If the S Pen is not working properly, take it to a Samsung Service Centre. Refer to the Samsung website for more information about the S Pen.

For best results, keep the S Pen mostly perpendicular to the touch screen and avoid using it at sharp angles.

The Menu button and the Back button can be used with the S Pen.