Controlling the camera remotely

Set a device as a viewfinder to control the camera remotely.

Tap Remote viewfinder, and then connect the device and the camera using Wi-Fi

Direct or NFC. Tap to take a photo remotely using the device as a viewfinder.

Configuring settings for Camera

Tap to configure settings for Camera. Not all of the following options are available in both still camera and video camera modes. The available options vary depending on the mode used.

Photo size / Video size: Select a resolution. Use higher resolution for higher quality. But it takes up more memory.

Burst shot: Take a series of photos of moving subjects.

Tap to take pics: Tap the image on the preview screen to take photos.

Face detection: Set the device to recognise people’s faces and help you take photos of them.

Metering modes: Select a metering method. This determines how light values are calculated. Centre-weightedmeasures background light in the centre of the scene. Spot measures the light value at a specific location. Matrix averages the entire scene.

ISO: Select an ISO value. This controls camera light sensitivity. It is measured in film- camera equivalents. Low values are for stationary or brightly-lit objects. Higher values are for fast-moving or poorly-lit objects.

Video stabilisation: Activate or deactivate anti-shake. Anti-shake helps focus when the camera is moving.

Smart stabilisation: Set the device to automatically detect darker conditions and adjust the brightness of the photo without the flash.

Save as: Set the device to delete the original photo when taking photos with rich tone mode.