Dual Camera mode

When you take a landscape photo with the rear camera, the photo or video captured by the front camera appears in an inset window, or vice versa. Use this feature to take a beautiful landscape photo and a self-portrait simultaneously.

Tap to switch to dual camera mode. Tap to take a photo or tap to take a video.

Tap to resize it or move the location.

Select among various styles that are available.

You can record videos in dual camera mode for up to 5 minutes in Full HD and up to 10 minutes in HD.

While taking videos in this mode, sound is recorded by the internal microphone.

Share shot

Tap , and then select one of the following:

Share shot: Send a photo directly to another device via Wi-Fi Direct or NFC.

Buddy photo share: Set the device to recognise a person’s face that you have tagged in a photo and send it to that person.

ChatON photo share: Send a photo to another device via ChatON.

Remote viewfinder: Set a device to control the camera remotely.