Application manager

View and manage the applications on your device.

Default applications

Select a default setting for using applications.

Home: Select a default Home screen mode.

Messages: Select the default application to use for messaging.


View the amount of battery power consumed by your device.

Power saving mode

Activate power-saving mode and change the settings for power-saving mode.

CPU performance: Set the device to limit some system resource usage.

Screen output: Set the device to decrease the brightness of the display.

Disable haptic feedback: Set the device to turn off the vibration when touching keys.

Learn about Power saving: Discover how to reduce battery consumption.


View memory information for your device and memory card, or format a memory card.

Formatting a memory card permanently deletes all data from it.

The actual available capacity of the internal memory is less than the specified capacity because the operating system and default applications occupy part of the memory. The available capacity may change when you upgrade the device.