Sound echoes during a call

Adjust the volume by pressing the Volume button or move to another area.

A cellular network or the Internet is often disconnected or audio quality is poor

Ensure that you are not blocking the device’s internal antenna.

When you are in areas with weak signals or poor reception, you may lose reception. You may have connectivity problems due to issues with the service provider’s base station. Move to another area and try again.

When using the device while moving, wireless network services may be disabled due to issues with the service provider’s network.

The battery icon is empty

Your battery is low. Recharge or replace the battery.

The battery does not charge properly (For Samsung-approved chargers)

Ensure that the charger is connected properly.

If the battery terminals are dirty, the battery may not charge properly or the device may turn off. Wipe both gold-coloured contacts and try charging the battery again.

The batteries in some devices are not user-replaceable. To have the battery replaced, visit a Samsung Service Centre.

The battery depletes faster than when first purchased

When you expose the battery to very cold or very hot temperatures, the useful charge may be reduced.

Battery consumption increases when you use messaging features or some applications, such as games or the Internet.

The battery is consumable and the useful charge will get shorter over time.