Brightness: Set the brightness of the display.

Screen timeout: Set the length of time the device waits before turning off the display’s backlight.

Touch key light duration: Set the duration for the touch button backlight.

Screen mode:

Adapt display: Use this mode for optimising the display according to the display settings.

Dynamic: Use this mode to make the display tone more vivid.

Standard: Use this mode for normal surroundings.

Professional photo: Use this mode to make the display tone look like real colours.

Cinema: Use this mode for dim surroundings, such as in a dark room.

Reading mode: Select which applications will use reading mode. In reading mode, the device helps protect your eyes when reading at night.

Auto adjust screen tone: Set the device to save power by adjusting the brightness of the display.

Daydream: Set the device to launch a screensaver when your device is connected to a desktop dock or charging.

Auto rotate screen: Set the content to rotate automatically when the device is turned.

Display battery percentage: Set the device to display the remaining battery life.

Edit after screen capture: Set the device to edit the screenshot after capturing it.

Multi window

Set the device to use Multi Window.

Open in split screen view: Set the device to activate the Multi Window feature when you open files from My Files or Video.