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Creating a group for Group Play

When you create a Group Play session, other devices can join the session and share the content.

When you use a password for a Group Play session, other devices must enter the password to join the session. To use a password, tick Set group password.

Tap CREATE GROUP, set a password, and then use the following features:

Share music: Connect two or more devices and use them to achieve a surround sound effect when sharing music.

Share images: Select images to share.

Share video: Connect two or more devices to share a video or combine the devices into a larger display. Each device displays parts of the video at the same time, which can be played together, to create a large display showing the whole video. To activate this feature, tap while sharing a video.

Share documents: Select documents to share.

Play games and more: Play online games with friends.

Joining Group Play

Join a Group Play session created by another device.

Tap JOIN GROUP, select a Group Play session to join, and then enter the password for the group if necessary. Select a media category and the content that is currently being shared will appear on the device.

Activate the NFC feature. On the Home screen, touch the back of your device to the back of another device that is opening a session. (p. 80)