When using the templates that have image frames, tap an image frame, and then tap Images or Take picture to add an image.

To delete a frame, tap the frame, and then tap Delete.

When jotting down a note, tap once more to change the pen type, line thickness, or pen colour.











Save the current setting as a pen










Change the pen type.































Change the line thickness.



















Change the pen colour.










Add a new colour based on the




















colour picker.









To zoom in or out, spread two fingers apart or pinch them.

To use more options, tap .

Using the eraser tool

A drawn line is not recognised as a series of dots but short strokes. For this reason, you can select a whole line and delete, move, or transform it. However, you may happen to even erase unintended part of a line, or may not able to erase intensive or overlapped lines when using the eraser tool.

To reduce the case of erasing unintended parts, adjust the eraser’s size by tapping . To clear the note, tap CLEAR ALL.

Even with a smaller eraser, you may not be able to precisely erase the intended part.