Waking up the device with voice

When the screen is turned off, you can launch S Voice with a voice command. Say“Hi Galaxy” to the device to launch S Voice.

To activate this feature, tap Settings, and then drag the Voice wake-upswitch to the right.

Using wake-up commands on the locked screen

On the locked screen, you can use various functions with preset wake-up commands.

To activate this feature, on the Applications screen, tap Settings DEVICE Lock screen, and then drag the Wake up in lock screen switch to the right.

S Finder

Use this application to search for a wide variety of items on the device, including emails, documents, images, music, applications, and more.

Tap and hold to launch S Finder.

Tap the search field, and then enter search criteria. Alternatively, tap , and then speak a keyword to search for. You can also use this feature to search for handwritten content in the device.