Searching for contacts

Tap Contacts.

Use one of the following search methods:

Scroll up or down the contacts list.

Use the index at the right side of the contacts list for quick scrolling, by dragging a finger along it.

Tap the search field at the top of the contacts list and enter search criteria.

Once a contact is selected, take one of the following actions:

: Add to favourite contacts.

/ : Make a voice or video call.

: Compose a message.

: Compose an email.

Displaying contacts

Tap Contacts.

By default, the device shows all saved contacts.

Tap Settings Contacts Contacts to display, and then select a location where contacts are saved.

Moving contacts

Tap Contacts.

Moving contacts to Google

Tap Move device contacts to Google.

Contacts moved to Google Contacts appear with in the contacts list.

Moving contacts to Samsung

Tap Move device contacts to Samsung account.

Contacts moved to Samsung Contacts appear with in the contacts list.