Syncing with Google Calendar

On the Applications screen, tap Settings GENERAL Accounts Google under My accounts →a Google account, tick Sync Calendar.

To manually sync for updating, on the Applications screen, tap S Planner Sync now. To display synced events or tasks, tap Calendars, and then tick the Google account.

Handwriting on month view

On the month view screen, tap to activate this feature. This is available in month view and in portrait mode only.

Changing calendar type

Tap , and then select one from among different types of calendars including year, month, week, and others.

Searching for events or tasks

Tap Search, and then enter a keyword to search for.

To view today’s events or tasks, tap TODAY at the top of the screen.

Deleting events or tasks

Tap Delete, select events or tasks, and then tap DONE.

Sharing events or tasks

Select an event or task, tap , and then select a sharing method.