Language and input

Change the settings for text input. Some options may not be available depending on the selected language.


Select a display language for all menus and applications.


Select a default keyboard type for text input.

Samsung keyboard

The available options may vary depending on the region or service provider.

Input languages: Select languages for text input.

Predictive text: Activate predictive text mode to predict words based on your input and show word suggestions. You can also customise the word prediction settings.

Auto replace: Set the device to correct misspelled and incomplete words by tapping the space bar or punctuation mark.

Auto capitalise: Set the device to automatically capitalise the first character after a final punctuation mark, such as a full stop, question mark, or exclamation mark.

Auto spacing: Set the device to automatically insert a space between words.

Auto punctuate: Set the device to insert a full stop when you double-tap the space bar.

Sound: Set the device to sound when a key is touched.

Vibration: Set the device to vibrate when a key is touched.

Character preview: Set the device to display a large image of each character tapped.

Pen detection: Set the device to open the handwriting panel when the field is tapped with the S Pen.

Reset settings: Reset Samsung keyboard settings.