Panoramic photos

A panoramic photo is a wide landscape image consisting of multiple shots.

Tap MODE Panorama.

Tap and move the camera in one direction. When the blue frame aligns with the viewfinder, the camera automatically takes another shot in a panoramic sequence. To stop shooting, tap .

If the viewfinder is out of the direction, the device stops shooting.

Applying filter effects

Use the filter effects to take unique photos or videos.

Tap and select a filter effect. The available options vary by mode.

Taking videos

Taking a video

Tap to take a video. To pause recording, tap . To stop recording, tap . Press the Shutter button to take photos while taking a video.

While recording, use the following actions:

To change the focus, tap where you want to focus. To focus on the centre of the screen, tap .

To capture an image from the video while recording, tap .