More networks

Customise settings to control networks.

Default messaging app

Select the default application to use for messaging.


Configure printer plug-in settings, such as searching and adding printers, to print files via a Wi-Fi network or cloud-hosted services.

Mobile networks

Mobile data: Use to allow packet switching data networks for network services.

Data roaming: Use the device to connect to another network when you are roaming or your home network is not available.

Access Point Names: Set up access point names (APNs).

Network mode: Select a network type.

Network operators: Search for available networks and select a network for roaming.


Set up and connect to virtual private networks (VPNs).


Activate the NFC feature to read or write NFC tags that contain information.

Android Beam: Turn on the Android Beam feature to send data, such as webpages and contacts, to NFC-enabled devices.

Tap and pay: Select a default payment application for mobile payments by downloading and registering payable applications.

S Beam

Activate the S Beam feature to send data, such as videos, images, and documents, to devices that support NFC and Wi-Fi Direct.