More settings:

Caller ID: Display your caller ID to other parties for outgoing calls.

Call forwarding: Divert incoming calls to another number.

Auto area code: Set the device to insert a prefix (area or country code) automatically before a phone number.

Call barring: Block incoming or outgoing calls.

Call waiting: Allow incoming call alerts when a call is in progress.

Auto redial: Activate auto redial for calls that were not connected or that were cut off.

Fixed Dialling Numbers: Activate or deactivate FDN mode to restrict calls to numbers in the FDN list. Enter the PIN2 supplied with your SIM or USIM card.

Ringtones and keypad tones:

Ringtones: Select a ringtone to alert you to incoming calls.

Vibrations: Add or select a vibration pattern.

Vibrate when ringing: Set the device to vibrate and play a ringtone for incoming calls.

Dialling keypad tone: Set the device to sound when tapping the buttons on the keypad.

Personalise call sound: Select a type of call sound to use with a headset.

Noise reduction: Set the device to remove background noise so that the other party can hear you more clearly.

Increase volume in pocket: Set the device to raise the ringtone volume when the device is in an enclosed, such as a bag or pocket.

Hide my video: Select an image to be shown to the other party.

Service provider: Select or set your voicemail service provider.

Voicemail settings: Enter the number to access the voicemail service. Obtain this number from the service provider.

Alert sound: Select a ringtone to alert you to new voicemails.

Vibrate: Set the device to vibrate when voicemails are received.