Air view finger options:

Information preview: View information in a pop-up window by pointing at items with your finger.

Progress preview: While playing music or videos, preview a scene or view the elapsed time by pointing at the progress bar with your finger.

Speed dial preview: View contact information of speed dial numbers in a pop-up window by pointing at a speed dial number with your finger.

Webpage magnifier: While browsing the Internet, magnify the content by pointing at the screen.

Sound and vibration feedback: Set the device to sound and vibrate when pointing at items with your finger.

Air command

Activate the air command feature to perform actions directly with the S Pen button pressed.


Activate the motion recognition feature and change the settings that control motion recognition on your device.

Direct call: Set the device to make a voice call by picking up and holding the device near your ear while viewing call, message, or contact details.

Smart alert: Set the device to alert you if you have missed calls or new messages when you pick up the device.

Zoom: Set the device to zoom in or out while viewing images in Gallery or browsing webpages, when you tap and hold two points with your fingers and then tilt the device back and forth.

Browse an image: Set the device to scroll through an image by moving the device in any direction when the image is zoomed in.

Mute/Pause: Set the device to mute incoming calls, alarms, and music by placing the device face down.