Use this application to view images and videos.

Tap Gallery on the Applications screen.

Some file formats are not supported depending on the software installed on the device.

Some files may not play properly depending on the encoding method used.

Viewing images

Launching Gallery displays available folders. When another application, such as Email, saves an image, the Download folder is automatically created to contain the image. Likewise, capturing a screenshot automatically creates the Screenshots folder. Select a folder to open it.

In a folder, images are displayed by creation date. Select an image to view it in full screen. Scroll left or right to view the next or previous image.

Zooming in and out

Use one of the following methods to zoom in an image:

Double-tap anywhere to zoom in.

Spread two fingers apart on any place to zoom in. Pinch to zoom out, or double-tap to return.

Viewing images using the motion feature

Use the motion feature to execute a function with particular motion.

On the Applications screen, tap Settings CONTROLS Motions, drag the Motions switch to the right, and then turn on the switch for each feature.

To stop using a motion feature, turn off the switch for the feature.

Playing videos

Video files show the icon on the preview. Select a video to watch it and tap .