Changing the recording mode

Change the recording mode to record voice memos more clearly with predefined settings for various situations.

Tap and select one of the recording modes.

Playing voice memos

Select a voice memo to play.

: Trim the voice memo.

: Set a portion of the recording for looped play.

: Adjust the playback speed.

: Skip a silent portion in the voice memo.

: Make bookmarks in the voice memo.

: Pause playback.

/ : Skip to the previous or next voice memo.

To send a voice memo to others, tap Select →Select the voice memo →, and then select a sharing method.

Managing voice memos

In the list of voice memos, tap and select one of the following:

Sort by: Sort memos by date, title, or category.

Edit categories: Add, delete, or rename categories.

Settings: Change the voice recorder settings.