Modifying images

When viewing an image, tap and use the following functions:

Rotate: Rotate the image.

Crop: Crop the image.

Colour: Adjust the saturation or brightness of the image.

Effect: Apply effects to the image.

Portrait: Correct red-eye, adjust and retouch faces, or make background blurry.

Sticker: Attach stickers.

Drawing: Draw on the image.

Frame: Apply frames to the image.

Favourite images

When viewing an image, tap Favourite to add the image to the favourites list.

Making video clips

In a folder, tap Create video clip, select images or videos, and then tap DONE. Enter a title, select an effect option, and then tap . The video clip is saved in Gallery video clip.

To add images or videos, tap . To delete images or videos, tap .

To change the order of items, tap , tap and hold an item, and then drag it to a new location. To add a drawing or note to the beginning of the video clip, tap .