Web & network

Searching the web by voice

Tap the address field, tap , speak a keyword, and then select one of the suggested keywords that appear.

Syncing with other devices

Sync open tabs and bookmarks to use with Chrome on another device, when you are logged in with the same Google account.

To view open tabs on other devices, tap Recent tabs. Select a webpage to open.


Bluetooth creates a direct wireless connection between two devices over short distances. Use Bluetooth to exchange data or media files with other devices.

Samsung is not responsible for the loss, interception, or misuse of data sent or received via the Bluetooth feature.

Always ensure that you share and receive data with devices that are trusted and properly secured. If there are obstacles between the devices, the operating distance may be reduced.

Some devices, especially those that are not tested or approved by the Bluetooth SIG, may be incompatible with your device.

Do not use the Bluetooth feature for illegal purposes (for example, pirating copies of files or illegally tapping communications for commercial purposes).

Samsung is not responsible for the repercussion of illegal use of the Bluetooth feature.

To activate Bluetooth, on the Applications screen, tap Settings CONNECTIONS Bluetooth, and then drag the Bluetooth switch to the right.