Web & network


Tap History to open a webpage from the list of recently-visited webpages. To clear the history, tap Clear history.

Saved pages

To view saved webpages, tap .


Tap and hold a link on the webpage to open it in a new page, save, or copy. To view saved links, use Downloads. (p. 135)

Sharing webpages

To share a webpage address with others, tap Share via.

To share a part of a webpage, tap and hold the desired text, and then tap Share via.


Use this application to search for information and browse webpages.

Tap Chrome on the Applications screen.

This application may not be available depending on the region or service provider.

Viewing webpages

Tap the address field, and then enter a web address or search criteria.

Opening a new page

Tap New tab.

To go to another webpage, tap Recent tabs.