Air command

Press the S Pen button while hovering the S Pen over the screen to display air command. With this feature, you can directly use the following actions:

Action memo: Turn your handwriting into an actionable link to one of a range of useful features. (p. 117)

Smart select: Collect content quickly.

Image clip: Draw around an area of the screen you want to save or share.

Screen write: Capture a screenshot and edit it.

Pen window: Use the S Pen to draw a window and open useful applications inside it.

Making a simple memo

Tap Action memo on the air command. Alternatively, with the S Pen button pressed, double- tap the screen. Jot down or draw a memo, and then select the memo by tapping to perform various actions, such as making a call, adding contacts, sending messages.

With selected, draw a line around an area with the S Pen to perform actions with the selected area.