Google voice typing

Choose input languages: Select input languages for text input.

Block offensive words: Set the device to prevent the device from recognising offensive words in voice inputs.

Offline speech recognition: Download and install language data for offline voice input.

Handwriting recognition

Select a language of handwriting recognition.

Voice input

To change the voice input settings, select an option, tap .

Text-to-speech options

Preferred TTS engine: Select a speech synthesis engine. To change the settings for speech synthesis engines, tap .

Speech rate: Select a speed for the text-to-speech feature.

Listen to an example: Listen to the spoken text for an example.

Default language status: View the status of the default language for the text-to-speech feature.

Pointer speed

Adjust the pointer speed for the mouse or trackpad connected to your device.

Voice control

Set the device to recognise voice commands for controlling your device. You can select the features to control with voice commands.

If Vibrate when ringing is activated, the device will not be able to recognise voice commands when a call comes in.

Hands-free mode

Set the device to read contents aloud and specify applications to use in hands-free mode.