Flight mode

This disables all wireless functions on your device. You can use only non-network services.

Data usage

Keep track of your data usage amount, and customise the settings for the limitation.

Mobile data: Set the device to use data connections on any mobile network.

Set mobile data limit: Set a limit for the mobile data usage.

: Enter monthly reset date to monitor your data usage.

To use more options, tap .

Restrict background data: Set the device to disable sync in the background while using a mobile network.

Show Wi-Fi usage: Set the device to show your data usage via Wi-Fi.

Mobile hotspots: Select Wi-Fi hotspots to prevent applications that are running in the background from using them.


Change location settings and activate permissions to allow applications to use your location information.

Mode: Select a method to collect your location data.

Recent location requests: Set the device to display which applications use your current location information and their battery usage.

Location services: Set the device to use your current location for Google search and other Google services.

My places: Set up profiles that will be used for specific locations when you use GPS, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth features to find your current location.

Tag current location: Set the device to allow tagging of the current location information to the selected applications.